Tritium Bishop Handle - Brass


This limited edition design is not currently scheduled for production.

This safety razor handle has been precision machined to accept an optional Tritium vial. Made from solid brass and finished with Renaissance wax. Handle looks great with or without the vial.

Includes the following items:

  • solid brass safety razor handle
  • custom laser cut birch wood storage case, felt lined
  • stainless steel spring & brass set screw to hold the Tritium vial in place (plus spare set)
  • allen key to install the vial

There is also room in the storage case to fit an extra Tritium vial and a felt lined compartment sized to hold most safety razor heads.

Designed to fit 3 mm x 23 mm Tritium vials which are sold separately. is one potential source.

This handle measures 3.5 inches in length and has an average weight of 52 grams

handle only, no razor head is included.

The Antique brass finish is not a coating, but rather the result of a chemical reaction. Like tarnish on silver or rust on steel. It wears off as you use or clean the razor.

The process is highly unpredictable and often not uniform. Each razor ends up looking unique and the product you receive may have visual differences from the sample product photos shown on the website.

Brand new on the left; Two weeks of use on the right.

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