10/9/18 - Waitlist currently full. No new signups being accepted. Make sure to check out the 'Ready to ship' section which will continue to have new products added. Sign up for the newsletter (at the bottom of every webpage) to be notified if/when the waitlist re-opens.

Due to high demand and limited production capacity Charcoal Goods has moved to a waiting list process for purchases of safety razors. By signing up for the waiting list you will have an opportunity to place an order for a complete razor or razor parts. It's like standing in a virtual line/queue, once the person ahead of you orders, then it's your turn. Slow, but fair.

There is a single master waiting list. You don't need to sign up for specific products, finishes, options, etc.

As your name comes up on the waiting list you will receive instructions via the email you provide on how to complete a purchase.


If you have not already done so please create an account on the Charcoal Goods website so that you will be able to place an order when your position in the waiting list is activated. Make sure to use the same email address for both your account and waitlist signup!

If the waiting list is not too long, or if excess inventory is available some complete razors, baseplates, razor handles, and top caps may be listed for purchase without wait list restriction. Check out the 'Ready to Ship' section.

How does the order process work? (once you get activated)

  • There is no fee/deposit required to be on the waiting list and you are not obligated to make a purchase by signing up.
  • Items on the Charcoal Goods website that are marked as 'wait list' are available for you to purchase once your account is activated. The website ordering process is linked to the email address you provide.
  • Your access will expire 7 days after you have been activated (this helps keep things moving along).
  • Purchases are limited to 2 handles, 2 top caps, and 3 baseplates plus any non 'wait list' restricted items. (you can always sign up again)
  • Custom orders are not accepted. 
  • Please ask any questions prior to placing your order.
  • Not all razor designs are available in all metal/finish options and some items will be discontinued once sold out.
  • If you "check your position" and it returns "Cannot find reservation" you probably already got activated but the email to you is in your SPAM folder. Just contact us to straighten things out.