How quickly will my order ship?

All in-stock items ship within 1-2 business days. Some items are made to order, the lead time for these items is listed in the product detail page for that item. Please add 1-2 business days for items with custom engraving added.

USPS Priority Mail takes between 2-4 days to most US zip codes.

International First Class takes 1-2 weeks for Canada, and usually 2-4 weeks for the rest of the world. Please note that some orders remain in customs for up to 3 weeks. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay all duties, fees, and taxes associated with importing an order into your country. 

Please note that the US Postal Service provides only limited tracking information, ie. 'shipped, in transit, delivered'.  Delivery dates are not guaranteed.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding shipping times.

How should I care for my shaving gear?

Charcoal Goods razors are delivered with only a coat of wax over the base metal. Copper and Brass are highly reactive metals and will change in appearance as you own them. The antique finish is non-permanent and some of it will wear off with use. If you don't want the finish of your razor to change, apply a clear coat immediately upon receiving your razor.

In general all shaving products should be cleaned with Dawn dish soap or similar. An ultrasonic cleaner may be used, but will potentially remove the antique finish. Remember,  ultrasonic cleaners are marketed to remove the 'tarnish' from jewelry!

Never store any razor with the blade installed. Razor blades are very low quality stainless steel and will rust and stain your razor. 

Occasionally apply a drop of oil to the threads of your razor.

Barbicide, IF USED AS DIRECTED, will sterilize your shaving gear and will not damage the finish.

After cleaning, apply a coat of Renaissance Wax or similar to protect the finish.

The use of any other cleaning products, methods, or protocols, are neither endorsed nor recommended and may result in permanent damage to the finish of your shaving gear. No warranty is offered on the product surface finish. 

I want to buy something that is out of stock or was on Instagram...

I work in small batches, so I often sell out of a certain design before I can get another batch made. Make sure to sign up for 'out of stock notifications' on the website for each item that your are interested in. If I'm sold out of multiple designs, I make the one that has the most people signed up first. If you are interested in a Machined Brass razor head you can sign up for the special email notification list on the shop talk page.

What materials do you use? Where are your products made?

Razor handles are machined in-house from solid stainless steel (grade 303/316), copper (grade 110/145), brass 360, or bronze 954.

Machined razor heads are produced in-house from solid billet brass 360. A decorative copper plating is available as an extra option on the brass razor heads.

Chrome plated & Jet Black basic razor heads are cast ZAMAK alloy which is first nickel plated and finally chrome plated at an ISO 9001 certified metal foundry.

3D printed stainless products are comprised of a 60% series 400 stainless steel and 40% bronze matrix and made on an ExOne printer.

All products are delivered without any permanent coating and will change in appearance as you own them.

Charcoal Goods is a cruelty free company. All shaving knots are synthetic and supplied by APShaveCo, Ottawa, Canada. Charcoal Goods shaving soap is a 100% vegetable based formula.

How are the machined handles & heads finished?

A forced patina is applied to the antique brass and antique copper products. This much like you would see on fine copper cookware, antique bronze fixtures, or bronze sculpture.  The areas that you touch regularly should remain polished. Some of the finish will wear off with use, this is completely normal.

Stainless steel, copper, and brass handles and brass heads are media tumbled to produce a 'bright' finish. The tumbling process adds textural elements to the razors and gives them an aged or relic appearance.  Over time the copper and brass will change in color. You can keep the finish up with Blue Magic Metal Polish Cream (preferred), Brasso, or Barkeeper's Friend.

All items are cleaned and protected with a coat of Renaissance Wax before shipping. Occasionally, you should reapply some wax to the razor to protect the finish. If you collect fine things, consider waxing them as well.

If you don't want the finish to ever change you can spray some clear acrylic lacquer, which is available in a spray can at most hardware stores, on the razor.

How aggressive is the shave?

With a multi-blade razor only one pass is usually needed. This speed is often at the expense of causing skin irritation. When using a safety razor you make 2-3 passes and apply lather each time. A safety razor will often produce less skin irritation than a multi-blade razor. You have the added benefit of many different double edge razor blade choices. Each blade has different characteristics. Keep trying them until you find one that works for your skin/beard; they are much cheaper then cartridges. 

In general most will shave with the closed comb head option, and that is the easiest option to start with. The open comb head allows more blade to be exposed to the skin. With the open comb you will get a closer shave during each pass, however it's much easier to nick yourself. One is not a better option than the other; they are just different ways to get to the same smooth skin. My advice, try both. 

If you are already a wetshaver you will find that my chrome plated closed comb head option is very similar to the Edwin Jagger DE89 head, but slightly more aggressive. My chrome plated open comb option is more aggressive than most vintage Gillette open comb designs. The open comb head is similar to a Fatip or Joris in terms of aggressiveness.

Machined heads are available in closed comb, open comb, and dual comb styles and offered in three levels of aggressiveness. My design uses a combination of blade gap, contact angle, and blade exposure to control the aggressiveness level.

Level 1 - slightly more aggressive than an Edwin Jagger DE89 closed comb

Level 2 - in the middle

Level 3 - similar to a Muhle R41 or Ikon Tech. 

Do you accept custom orders?

I'm currently not accepting any new custom orders.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, I offer a 90 day warranty, to the original owner, against defects in manufacturing. Just mail the product back with your receipt and I will repair or replace the product at my discretion.

There is NO warranty on the product surface finish. By design the razors will change over the course of ownership giving you something that is truly unique. Outside of the warranty period I can often repair a damaged razor for little cost.