I've always made things or fixed them. In school, my favorite class was Art. In college, I pursued a degree in Fine Arts followed by a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Years ago I began to hang out and later apprentice with an old manual machinist.

This machinist did things the old way, with old machines; machines that won WWII and started the space race. Machines that had been designed to look good and not just make something. They were a pleasure to operate. Every knob, switch, and dial were just where they needed to be. The folks that made and used these machines knew how to get things done. This machinist knew how to get things done. He’d already forgotten more about making stuff than I will probably ever learn.

Over time I bought and restored my own old machines. The handles are mirror polished from decades of use. The paint is worn off from where the operators rested their hands. When they run, they get warm with pride; history was made on these hunks of iron and steel.

When I first became interested in traditional wet shaving I bought a safety razor from a popular company. The shave was good but the razor had been primarily designed for easy mass production. I couldn't appreciate it as an object and thought that I could make something that looked and felt a little better. I hope that you enjoy them.

~Brian Twilley