Everyday Brass Razor

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Estimated Availability December 2021/January 2022

The 'Everyday' is an intuitive and affordable mild-shaving safety razor. Precision CNC machined in the United States from premium brass for superior quality. Designed to be used everyday without causing irritation.  More durable and accurate than cheap stamped or molded import and vintage razors.

30 day satisfaction guarantee! If you don't completely enjoy the Everyday, just send it back for a refund per our return policy.

Design Features:

  • A mild shave, blade exposure 0.000"/0.000mm, blade gap 0.030"/ 0.762mm
  • covered blade tabs. never nick your ears with the ends of the razor blade
  • uses readily available Double Edge (DE) razor blades
  • no moving parts to break or get lost
  • 100% solid material, no chrome plating or coatings to chip and peel off
  • CNC machined for superior accuracy
  • finished in a centrifugal tumbler which produces a uniform surface and removes all sharp machined edges
  • square blade tabs securely and accurately fix the razor blade to the blade guard
  • floating blade cover design self-aligns as you tighten the handle

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