Torpedo Safety Razor

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Blade Guard:

The Torpedo is our 4"/100mm solid brass handle with a variety of grip positions. Total weight is 122 grams.

30 day satisfaction guarantee! If you don't completely enjoy your razor, just send it back for a refund per our return policy.

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Charcoal Razors designs and manufactures a premium quality 3-piece double edged safety razor. This type of razor was readily available from the early 1900's through the 1970's. In recent years, the safety razor has become a popular alternative to modern cartridge razors as the blades are economical, they often cause less skin irritation, and they are more environmentally friendly. 

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on our products! If you don't completely enjoy the shave, just send it back for a refund per our return policy.

Design Features:

  • CNC machined for superior accuracy; a better choice than cheap stamped or cast imported and vintage razors.
  • covered blade tabs. never nick your ears with the ends of the razor blade
  • uses readily available Double Edge (DE) razor blades
  • no moving parts to break or get lost
  • finished in a centrifugal tumbler which produces a blended surface, with a bright finish, and removes all sharp machined edges
  • square blade tabs securely and accurately fix the razor blade to the blade guard
  • floating blade cover design self-aligns as you tighten the handle
  • our razor handles are designed specifically to fit Charcoal razors

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