We're Moving!

We're Moving!

When: June

Where: Places Unknown

We're getting ready for a big move here at Charcoal Goods. Short-term it will be painful and will result in continued supply constraints; long-term a new and better business will emerge. By early June I expect to have my entire shop liquidated and will only be shipping products that I've already made. 

There will be some downtime around mid-June to early July where I may not be able to ship any items whatsoever. Right now we don't know where we are moving, but we do know we aren't staying in our current location. That means all of our personal belongings and my inventory might end up in temporary storage while we couch surf.

We're looking for a new place where I can set up a much larger shop space. And, since I'm liquidating 100% of my current equipment I'll be setting up a new machine shop specifically to engage in the production of wet shaving products. That means a brand new CNC turning center that is optimized for items like razor handles. And, a new VMC (vertical machining center) that is designed for precision small parts like razor heads.

These new machines will dramatically increase both my production volume, and the types of designs that I can pursue. So, a little short-term headache but hopefully some really interesting new products and a complete end to any type of wait list by the end of the summer! Thanks so much for your continued support and your patience while we make this transition.

~Brian & Family