Charcoal Razor Identification

Charcoal Goods is a high-mix, low-volume manufacturer. Razor designs are constantly improving with each production run. Every effort is made to bring you the best razor while offering backwards compatibility when possible.

All top caps shave the same. The profile of the top cap has never changed and your face can't tell which generation is which.

Gen 1 and Gen 2 baseplates of the same aggressiveness level will shave the same since the edge of the razor blade is in the same location. All critical design dimensions are identical even though the baseplates are different in appearance.

Top Cap Identification:

  • Gen 1 - Square corners, full length blade alignment bar (discontinued)
  • Gen 2 - Rounded corners, full length blade alignment bar (discontinued)
  • Gen 3 - Two distinct blade alignment tabs (discontinued)
  • Gen 4 - Full 3D surfacing for improved blade contact

Baseplate Identification:

  • Gen 1 - Full length slot on top of baseplate (discontinued)
  • Gen 2 - Two distinct pockets on top of baseplate


  • Gen 1 Baseplates are compatible with all Charcoal Top caps.
  • Gen 2 Baseplates are only compatible with Gen 3 & 4 Charcoal Top caps.
  • Charcoal baseplates and top caps are not compatible with products sold by any other manufacturer.