Workshop Updates & Production Schedule

Updated 4/3/2020

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COVID-19 Status

  • Online orders are still being processed and shipped. 
  • Expect shipping, transit, customs, and delivery delays for all orders
  • Most carriers have suspended 'signature required' services
  • Most companies that deliver supplies/materials to Charcoal Goods have now shutdown. So, not very much work going on in the machine shop.

Upcoming Move - August/September 2020

  • We're moving out-of-state around August. This will force a production shutdown as all of the CNC machines will need to be moved and currently there is no place to take them.
  • The website will continue to operate and ship orders for in-stock items after we move.
  • I'm discontinuing all current handle options and am designing a new, universal handle, to help reduce prices and simplify production.
  • After the move we're looking at a few ideas for continued business operations:
  1. machines get sold or put in storage and production of one or two complete razors is out-sourced to local CNC job shop. (very likely)
  2. lease a light-industrial building, move current machines to new location, continue with business as usual. (somewhat likely)
  3. purchase existing CNC machine shop and convert equipment to manufacture razors. (not very likely)

    Production Schedule

    August - Machine shop shutdown to prepare for family relocation. 

    July - TBD

    June - Stainless Steel Complete Razors (no razor parts)

    May - Antique Brass Level 2 complete razors (no razor parts) - MOST LIKELY DELAYED


    • Stinger Series 1 (with the bee) handles are in production in Brass and Copper
    • New 'Arrow' handle design (same shape as Vertigo) in production in Brass, Copper, and Stainless
    • All other handle designs are either already in-stock or no longer available.