Workshop Updates & Schedule

Updated 10/14/2019

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  • Available Items are in the Ready To Ship page.

  • Items in production are found in the Coming Soon page. (not always a complete list)

General Updates

  • Production goal for the remainder of 2019 will be to keep the Closed Comb Level 2 (mid aggressive) baseplate and a matching top cap in stock at all times with a special focus on Stainless Steel production.
  • Level 3 Closed Comb (very aggressive) plates will be machined as time permits. 
  • Open Comb and Dual Comb baseplates are officially discontinued. I hope to bring them back in the future if the machine shop can be expanded
  • Production of all Level 1 (mild) baseplates has ceased due to lack of interest. These will be offered again in the future based on demand.
  • Production of razor stands has been discontinued until a 'cheaper' stand can be designed and machined.

    Production Schedule - Covers the next 8 weeks of shop production

    September/October - AVAILABLE NOW!

    • Brass handles (limited options)
    • Brass Top Cap
    • Brass Level 2 closed comb baseplates

    October/November - AVAILABLE NOW!

    • Copper handles
    • Copper Top Cap
    • Copper Level 2 closed comb Baseplates

    November/December/January - NOT YET AVAILABLE 

    • Stainless Steel