What model should I choose?

Each of our safety razors includes a handle, a blade guard, and a blade cover. Once you select your handle design there four different blade guard choices, each offering a different shave.

We offer a 30-day return policy so just return a razor if you don't enjoy the shave.

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Level 1

Mild option. Designed for those that don't want to feel the blade while shaving.

  • blade gap 0.026"/0.660mm
  • blade exposure -0.004"/-0.102mm


Mild option. Small amount of blade feel. Designed to be used daily without causing irritation. The best choice for those new to safety razors and wet shaving.

  • blade gap 0.030"/0.762mm
  • blade exposure 0.000"/0.000mm

Level 2

Mid-aggressive model. Year after year this is the most popular design. More blade feel than both Level 1 and Everyday.

  • blade gap 0.034"/0.864mm
  • blade exposure 0.004"/0.102mm

Level 3

Aggressive razor. Large amount of blade feel. Very close shave.

  • blade gap 0.045"/1.143mm
  • blade exposure 0.010"/0.254mm

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