Charcoal Razor Troubleshooting

Let's have a great shave!

If you are having any issues with your Charcoal Razor make sure to check out these common problems or just send us an email at

Baseplate upside down

A common mistake is to assemble the razor with the razor blade guard upside down. Check out the image below to verify the correct assembly.

Shaving Angle Too Steep

The Charcoal Razor works best if you use a shallow shaving angle. A steep angle will scrape the skin. Even if you already use a safety razor try an angle that is more shallow than you are used to.

Razor Clogging

If your razor is clogging up and hard to rinse out your lather is too thick. Add some water and thin out your lather for a better shave.

Blade Selection

The choice of DE (double edge) razor blade can make all the difference in getting a great shave. Popular blade choices for Charcoal razors include: Astra SP, Gillette Silver Blue, Sputnik, and Gillette 7O'clock green.