Machined Razor Head Email List

Machined Razor Head Email List

UPDATE - The new shop is up and running and there should no longer be a need for a waiting list. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page for shop updates and new product releases.

Thanks for your interest in purchasing a Charcoal Goods machined brass safety razor head. As many of you know my monthly production is limited and there are currently far more people interested in acquiring a head then I can accommodate. For the past 2 months I have been slowly working through the waiting list, one person at a time, but the process is proving cumbersome and inefficient. I completed and shipped fewer razors in April then any previous month even while increasing my shop production capacity!

Based on how April went the current wait-list now exceeds 18 months and is growing daily. My short term solution is to start adding batches of completed razor heads to the website at regular intervals in an effort to relieve demand.

By mid-summer I hope to have a brand new CNC machining center in place that will enable me to dramatically increase production volume, improve surface finish, and offer even higher precision.

You will continue to receive an email notification each time new stock has been added to the website until you unsubscribe from this email list.

Please note the following details:

  • This is not a pre-order list. Everyone on the list will get notified each time new inventory is added to the website. If the website accepts your order that razor head is ready to ship (1-2 business days to process the orders and 1-2 extra days if having custom engraving).
  • In fairness, purchases will be limited to one complete machined head per person, per production batch. You can of course purchase additional razor baseplates, razor handles, or other items to complete your set.
  • I cannot guarantee that both the razor handle and razor head that you want will both be available to purchase at the same time. I'm not able to accept backorders and some razor handles are limited editions that will not be available again once sold out.
  • Signing up for the waiting list is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase a razor head and serves only as a notification that new inventory has been made available.
  • Please carefully read the product descriptions prior to placing your order and carefully review your order confirmation receipt.
  • If the head that you are interested in is 'out of stock' please don't order something that is in stock and then email me that you want the 'out of stock' option. You will receive exactly what you order not what you request.

Thanks for you patience and understanding. Hopefully this is only short-term and by expanding my shop and purchasing new machinery my long-term goal is to have all razor options ready to ship within a few business days.

~Brian Twilley