3D Printing

I've been fascinated by 3D printing for over a decade and thought the technology would be amazing to bring some really unique shaving items to the market. Unfortunately, I've run into a few roadblocks!

There is a perception among the general public that 3D printing is 'cheap'. This is perpetuated by the prevalence of consumer level desktop printers spewing rolls of a melted plastic. However, at the industrial level 3D printing is the most expensive of all manufacturing processes. It costs more per item than CNC machining, casting, or stamping.

The few companies in the world that operate industrial scale metal 3D printers are still getting things together in terms of quality control. Some prints are flawless. However, as you scroll down you will notice some 'defects' on the finished prints. In each case the printer deemed these 'acceptable'. I disagree. I was having to throw out the defects, at great personal expense, and it was not sustainable to continue to pay for defective prints while they figure out their process. 

So, for now, and until I can come up with the money for a Desktop Metal printer I'll stick to machining as I have absolute control over that.