Our Process

Charcoal Razors are designed, machined, and finished entirely in-house using materials sourced in the USA.

Portland, or

The Beginning

Making safety razor handles and shaving brushes on WW-II era machinery.

Baltimore, MD

Moving on

Cross country move to Maryland. No more machines, but plenty of time to design a new safety razor head.

stainless steel

3D Printing

Offered the worlds first commercially available 3D printed safety razor made from stainless steel.


Machined Heads

Began offering fully CNC machined safety razors with a proprietary razor design.

Yakima, WA

Starting over

Cross country move and a new machine shop. Starting all over with production.

Generation 2

New razor

Released the 2nd generation razor head design with many improvements over the orignal.

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Made in the USA Matters

Made in the USA Matters

All Charcoal Goods razors are designed & manufactured in the United States using premium materials.  When you purchase a product from Charcoal ...

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