My Mission

A razor worth owning

I design and craft unique safety razors and wet shaving accessories. Razors are produced in small batches, using a variety of materials and manufacturing processes. All items are made in-house with the finest quality domestically sourced materials.

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What model should I choose?

What model should I choose?

Each of our safety razors includes a handle, a blade guard, and a blade cover. Once you select your handle design there four different blade guard ...

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Made in the USA Matters

Made in the USA Matters

All Charcoal Goods razors are designed & manufactured in the United States using premium materials.  When you purchase a product from Charcoal ...

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old iron

the beginning

Making safety razor handles on WW-II era machinery.

new technology

3d printed stainless steel

offered the world's first commercially available safety razor 3D printed in stainless steel.

Computer numeric control

machined razor heads

Began offering fully CNC machined safety razors using a proprietary design.